Geospatial Data Set Descriptions have been added as a Journal Section

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) fundamentally rely on geospatial data sets by supporting their management, discovery, access, view and processing. The International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research (IJSDIR) wants to promote a richer understanding of data sets themselves through short articles which should provide:
  • readers with information about data beyond typical metadata;
  • authors with the opportunity to have their data peer-reviewed and readily referenced; and
  • publishers with examples of how (geospatial) data is research output worth reviewing and sharing.
Accordingly, we added “Geospatial Data Set Description” as a new section to the IJSDIR. Contributions in this category should provide a direct reference and concise description of a geospatial data set, especially describing the key characteristics of a data set, its previous applications and potential areas for reuse.

ISSN: 1725-0463