Call for special section “Citizen Data Science”

Recent technological advances, such as mobile internet, smart phones and the Internet of Things (IoT), resulted in an unprecedented wealth and diversity of data and signals. Data Science, i.e. tailored knowledge extraction from these new sources, became popular in almost all sectors of industry and research. Especially user-generated Web content from crowd sensing provides new and sometimes unique sources of geospatial information. The integration and application of these sources – often termed crowdsourced Geographic Information or Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) – creates a novel inter-disciplinary research area involving diversified topics across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

We now dedicate a special section of our journal to this phenomenon of Citizen Data Science. The section principally address the technologies, technical infrastructures, platforms and services that are originated or used by cutting-edge research projects. We are especially interested in exploring the synergies between ongoing efforts, the exchange of lessons learned and potentially required standardisation work to ensure interoperability of the developed solutions.

Contributions can be submitted at any time between now and 15 March (deadline extended due to multiple requests) 2016.

ISSN: 1725-0463