A geo-service semantic integration in Spatial Data Infrastructures

Lorenzino Vaccari, Pavel Shvaiko, Maurizio Marchese


In this paper we focus on the semantic heterogeneity problem as one of the main challenges in current Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs). We first report on the state of the art in reducing such a heterogeneity in SDIs. We then consider a particular geo-service integration scenario. We discuss an approach of how to semantically coordinate geographic services, which is based on a view of the semantics of web service coordination, implemented by using the Lightweight Coordination Calculus (LCC) language. In this approach, service providers share explicit knowledge of the interactions in which their services are engaged and these models of interaction are used operationally as the anchor for describing the semantics of the interaction. We achieve web service discovery and integration by using semantic matching between particular interactions and web service descriptions. For this purpose we introduce a specific solution, called structure preserving semantic matching. We present a real world application scenario to illustrate how semantic integration of geo web services can be performed by using this approach. Finally, we provide a preliminary evaluation of the solution discussed.


Spatial Data Infrastructure, semantic heterogeneity, GIS web services, ontology matching, real world application with GIS web services

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