Harmonising Dutch National Geodata Conform To INSPIRE Using Combined Transformation

Ebrahim Hemmatnia, Just Van den Broecke, Ko Van Raamsdonk


This paper addresses schema and coordinate transformations together with INSPIRE-compliant data delivery of Dutch national geodata using Combined Transformation (CT). This transformation approach, originating from the ESDIN Best Practices project (Lehto et al., 2009), combines both offline and on-the-fly transformation. Dutch national data sets for addresses and cadastral parcels were successfully transformed into INSPIRE data models. A Web Feature Service (WFS) and a Web Mapping Service (WMS) were developed as data delivery services. This research was performed using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) within the Netherlands Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency.


INSPIRE, ESDIN, Geodata, FOSS, Combined Transformation, OGC, Web services

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