Engaging Citizens in Environmental Monitoring via Gaming

Ian McCallum, Linda See, Tobias Sturn, Carl Salk, Christoph Perger, Martina Duerauer, Mathias Karner, Inian Moorthy, Dahlia Domian, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Steffen Fritz


Citizen science is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools for the rapid and low-cost collection of environmental information, filling a long recognized gap in in-situ data. Incentivizing citizens to participate, however, remains a challenge, with gaming being widely recognized as an effective solution to overcome the participation barrier. Building upon well-known gaming mechanics, games provide the user with a competitive and fun environment. This paper presents three different applications that employ game mechanics and have generated useful information for environmental science. Furthermore, it describes the lessons learnt from this process to guide future efforts.


Crowdsourcing, citizen science, gaming, land cover, land use

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