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IJSDIR is a peer-reviewed journal that is operated by Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, published exclusively on line by the Publication Office of the European Union, and is supported by an experienced Editorial Team. The aim of the Journal is to further the scientific endeavour underpinning the development, implementation and use of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs). These are defined as frameworks of technologies, data, policies, institutional arrangements, and people aimed at increasing the availability, understanding, and use of spatial data and services to support policy, business, research, and society at large. We welcome a range of submission types, including full-scientific articles, notes from the field and geospatial data set descriptions.

The Journal is published openly and free of charge. It adheres to the Open Archives Initiative, which aims to facilitate the dissemination of electronic content. Authors publishing on IJSDIR retain full but non-exclusive rights in their articles, and will be required to use one of the Creative Commons licenses for submitting their work ( Our ethical principles require authors not to submit their works to other publishers for review while the article proceeds through the IJSDIR review process. During this process however, the article will be already posted as part of the current IJSDIR issue - under the "Articles under Review" section - to facilitate the timely exchange of ideas and progress of science. As soon as the article is accepted for publication, it will be moved to the “Published” section of the same web site. This process ensures that articles are published as quickly as possible and do not suffer the usual delays of journals in print.



Call for special section “Citizen Data Science”


We now dedicate a special section of our journal to the phenomenon of Citizen Data Science. The section principally address the technologies, technical infrastructures, platforms and services that are originated or used by cutting-edge research projects. We are especially interested in exploring the synergies between ongoing efforts, the exchange of lessons learned and potentially required standardisation work to ensure interoperability of the developed solutions.

Contributions can be submitted at any time between now and 15 March (deadline extended due to multiple requests) 2016.

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Geospatial Data Set Descriptions have been added as a Journal Section


Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) fundamentally rely on geospatial data sets by supporting their management, discovery, access, view and processing. The International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research (IJSDIR) wants to promote a richer understanding of data sets themselves through short articles. Contributions in this category should provide a direct reference and concise description of a geospatial data set, especially describing the key characteristics of a data set, its previous applications and potential areas for reuse.

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