Vol 4 (2009)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Spatial Data Infrastructure in India: Status, Governance Challenges, and Strategies for Effective Functioning PDF
Pramod Kumar Singh 359-388
Volunteered Geographic Information: the nature and motivation of produsers PDF
David Coleman, Yola Georgiadou, Jeff Labonte 332-358
Land Administration as a Cornerstone in the Global Spatial Information Infrastructure PDF
Peter van Oosterom, Arco Groothedde, Christiaan Lemmen, Paul van der Molen, Harry Uitermark 298-331
Assessing Spatial Data Infrastructure Policy Strategies Using the Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis PDF Annex
Tessa Geudens, Cathy Macharis, Frank Plastria, Joep Crompvoets 265-297
A Note on Hierarchical Routing Algorithms based on Traverse-oriented Road Networks PDF
Clemens Strauss 239-264
Evaluating the socio-economic impact of Geographic Information: A classification of the literature PDF
Elisabetta Genovese, Gilles Cotteret, Stéphane Roche, Claude Caron, Robert Feick 218-238
Systems of Systems as a Conceptual Framework for Spatial Data Infrastructures PDF
Rubén Béjar, Miguel Ángel Latre, Javier Nogueras-Iso, Pedro Rafael Muro-Medrano, Javier Zarazaga-Soria 201-217
Quantifying urban attractiveness from the distribution and density of digital footprints PDF
Fabien Girardin, Andrea Vaccari, Alexandre Gerber, Assaf Biderman, Carlo Ratti 175-200
Beyond SDI: Integrating Science and Communities to Create Environmental Policies for the Sustainability of the Amazon PDF
Clodoveu A Davis, Frederico T. T. Fonseca, Gilberto Câmara 156-174
Moving the National Soil Database for England and Wales (LandIS) towards INSPIRE Compliance PDF
Caroline Agnes Keay, Stephen Hallett, Timothy Farewell, Andrew Rayner, Robert Jones 134-155
INSPIRE obscured by clouds of inter-organizational cooperation with geoICT? PDF
Walter Timo De Vries 117-133


More than Names - Digital Earth and/or Virtual Globes? PDF
Francis Harvey 111-116

Notes from the Field

Creation of an NSDI strategy – Case Study Croatia PDF
Vlado Cetl, Miodrag Roić, Siniša Mastelić Ivić 96-110

Selected Articles from GSDI-10

Building an Online Learning and Research Environment to Enhance Use of Geospatial Data PDF
Meixia Deng, Liping Di 77-95
Universal Land Registry to Support Independent Economic Development in Tanzania PDF
Martin Huber, Klaus Mithöfer, Peter Schär, Francis J. Harvey, Oscar Mukasa 52-76
A geo-service semantic integration in Spatial Data Infrastructures PDF
Lorenzino Vaccari, Pavel Shvaiko, Maurizio Marchese 24-51
SDI in East Africa – Leveraging the UN presence PDF
Michael Wilson, Craig von Hagen, Carrie Howard 1-23