Vol 10 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Citizens and institutions as information prosumers. The case study of italian municipalities on Twitter PDF
Cristina Capineri, Claudio Calvino, Antonello Romano
Describing models in context – A step towards enhanced transparency of scientific processes underpinning policy making PDF
Nicole Ostlaender, Tom Bailly-Salins, Matthew Hardy, Andrea Perego, Anders Friis-Christensen, Silvia dalla Costa
The STIG – A new SDI assessment method PDF
Bujar Nushi, Bastiaan Van Loenen, Joep Crompvoets
INSPIRE Compliance of Public Health Information – A Danish Case Study PDF
Anders K. Lyseen, Henning Sten Hansen
Assessing existing in-situ capacities in EU Member States: an analysis of the Copernicus regulation approach for Hydrography and Transport Network datasets PDF
Massimiliano Rossi, Gunter Zeug, Stoyan Blagoev

Notes from the Field

Descriptions of Spatial Operations – Recent Approaches and Community Feedback PDF
Barbara Hofer, Johannes Brauner, Mike Jackson, Carlos Granell, Armanda Rodrigues, Daniel Nüst, Stefan Wiemann
Observations on an OpenStreetMap mapping party organised as a social event during an open source GIS conference PDF
Peter Mooney, Marco Minghini, Frances Stanley-Jones