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Vol 8 (2013) 3D City Spatial Model and Segmentation within a Spatial Data Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Edward Eric Duncan, Khairul Hafiz Sharkawi, Bernad Chengxi Siew, Alias Abdul Rahman
Vol 8 (2013) A Cultural Heritage Application Schema: Achieving Interoperability of Cultural Heritage Data in INSPIRE Abstract   PDF
Carlos Fernández Freire, Isabel del-Bosque-González, Juan Manuel Vicent-García, Esther Pérez-Asensio, Alfonso Fraguas-Bravo, Antonio Uriarte-González, Pastor Fábrega-Álvarez, César Parcero-Oubiña
Vol 3 (2008) A Forum for Lively Exchange and Constructive Discussions Abstract   PDF
Florian Probst, Carstens Keßler
Vol 4 (2009) A geo-service semantic integration in Spatial Data Infrastructures Abstract   PDF
Lorenzino Vaccari, Pavel Shvaiko, Maurizio Marchese
Vol 7 (2012) A multidisciplinary research framework for analysing the spatial enablement of public sector processes Abstract   PDF
Ezra Dessers, Joep Crompvoets, Katleen Janssen, Glenn Vancauwenberghe, Danny Vandenbroucke, Lieselot Vanhaverbeke, Geert Van Hootegem
Vol 7 (2012) A multidisciplinary Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Mediterranean to support implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Abstract   PDF
Sergio Cinnirella, David March, Tim O’Higgins, Carla Murciano, Rafael Sardà, Joan Albaigés, Nicola Pirrone
Vol 6 (2011) A multilingual/multicultural semantic-based approach to improve Data Sharing in a SDI for Nature Conservation Abstract   PDF
Monica De Martino, Riccardo Albertoni
Vol 4 (2009) A Note on Hierarchical Routing Algorithms based on Traverse-oriented Road Networks Abstract   PDF
Clemens Strauss
Vol 10 (2015) A Novel Data Centre Architecture Implemented in Cloud for the Management of Massive Earth Observation Data Abstract   PDF
Rubén Pérez, Gerardo González, Jonathan Becedas
Vol 6 (2011) A review of the implementation of OGC Web Services across Europe Abstract   PDF
Francisco J Lopez-Pellicer, Rubén Béjar, Aneta J. Florczyk, Pedro R. Muro-Medrano, F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria
Vol 6 (2011) Accessibility of lands information to authorized remote stakeholders in Tanzania Abstract   PDF
Edson Anyosisye Mwabukojo
Vol 5 (2010) Acquisition, Processing and Limited Use of Russia's Socioeconomic, Demographic and Political Geographic Information: The Case of the Universities’ Consortium SDI Abstract
Alexander S. Perepechko, Dmitry E. Sharkov
Vol 8 (2013) Address Data Sharing: Organizational Motivators and Barriers and their Implications for the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Malete Daniel Sebake, Serena Martha Coetzee
Vol 5 (2010) Addressing vagueness in Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) – A case study Abstract
Bertrand De Longueville, Nicole Ostländer, Carina Keskitalo
Vol 5 (2010) Advanced Regional SDIs in Europe: comparative cost-benefit evaluation and impact assessment perspectives Abstract   PDF
Massimo Craglia, Michele Campagna
Vol 6 (2011) An Assessment of the Current State of Spatial Data Sharing in Rwanda Abstract   PDF
Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi, Ernest Uwayezu
Vol 3 (2008) An extensible semantic catalogue for geospatial web services Abstract   PDF
Patrick Maué
Vol 3 (2008) An extensible semantic catalogue for geospatial web services Abstract
Patrick Maué
Vol 7 (2012) Analysis of quality metadata in the GEOSS Clearinghouse Abstract   PDF
Paula Díaz Redondo, Joan Masó, Eva Sevillano, Miquel Ninyerola, Alaitz Zabala, Ivette Serral, Xavier Pons
Vol 3 (2008) Application of Geographically Weighted Regression to Investigate the Impact of Scale on Prediction Uncertainty by Modelling Relationship between Vegetation and Climate Abstract   PDF
Pavel Propastin, Martin Kappas, Stefan Erasmi
Vol 6 (2011) Aspects of Licensing and Pricing Model for a Multi-producer pan-European Data Product Abstract   PDF
Jaana Mäkelä
Vol 10 (2015) Assessing existing in-situ capacities in EU Member States: an analysis of the Copernicus regulation approach Abstract   PDF
Massimiliano Rossi, Gunter Zeug, Stoyan Blagoev
Vol 5 (2010) Assessing Geographic Information Enhancement Abstract   PDF
Bastiaan van Loenen, Jaap Zevenbergen
Vol 4 (2009) Assessing Spatial Data Infrastructure Policy Strategies Using the Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis Abstract   PDF   Annex
Tessa Geudens, Cathy Macharis, Frank Plastria, Joep Crompvoets
Vol 7 (2012) Assessment of multi-scale drought datasets to quantify drought severity and impacts in agriculture: a case study for Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Andrej Ceglar, Barbara Medved-Cvikl, Enrique Moran-Tejeda, Sergio Vicente-Serrano, Lučka Kajfež-Bogataj
Vol 9 (2014) Assisted Generation and Publication of Geospatial Data and Metadata Abstract   PDF
Sergi Trilles, Laura Díaz, José Gil, Joaquin Huerta
Vol 6 (2011) ATLAS of INSPIRE – conceptualizing SDI implementation through an inventory of experiences, successes and headaches of European national mapping agencies Abstract   PDF
Walter Timo De Vries, Joep Crompvoets, Jantien Stoter, Ingrid Vanden Berghe
Vol 7 (2012) Automatic Generation of Geospatial Metadata for Web Resources Abstract   PDF
Aneta Jadwiga Florczyk, Francisco Javier López-Pellicer, Javier Nogueras-Iso, Francisco Javier Zarazaga-Soria
Vol 3 (2008) Automatic real-time interpolation of radiation hazards: a prototype and system architecture considerations Abstract   PDF
Paul H. Hiemstra, Edzer J. Pebesma, Chris J.W. Twenhöfel, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink
Vol 4 (2009) Beyond SDI: Integrating Science and Communities to Create Environmental Policies for the Sustainability of the Amazon Abstract   PDF
Clodoveu A Davis, Frederico T. T. Fonseca, Gilberto Câmara
Vol 2 (2007) Beyond Spatial Data Infrastructures there are no SDIs – so what Abstract   PDF
W.H. Erik de Man
Vol 7 (2012) Brave New Open Data World? Abstract   PDF
Stefan Kulk, Bastiaan van Loenen
Vol 4 (2009) Building an Online Learning and Research Environment to Enhance Use of Geospatial Data Abstract   PDF
Meixia Deng, Liping Di
Vol 7 (2012) Building an SDI as a Community Project – Challenges in Emerging Economies Abstract   PDF
Josef Strobl, Mariana Belgiu, Ainura B. Nazarkulova
Vol 6 (2011) Capacity building for SDI Implementation – A Danish Case Study Abstract   PDF
Henning Sten Hansen, Lise Schroeder, Line Hvingel, Jesper Skovdal Christiansen
Vol 1 (2006) Challenges and Issues for SDI Development Abstract   PDF
Ian Williamson, Abbas Rajabifard, Andrew Binns
Vol 10 (2015) Citizens and institutions as information prosumers. The case study of italian municipalities on Twitter Abstract   PDF
cristina capineri, Claudio Calvino, Antonello Romano
Vol 2 (2007) Citizens as Voluntary Sensors: Spatial Data Infrastructure in the World of Web 2.0 Abstract   PDF
Michael F. Goodchild
Vol 10 (2015) CitySAC: A Query-able CityGML Compression System and Related Applications Abstract   PDF
Vol 6 (2011) Community Image Data Portal: Sharing Licensed Earth Observation Data Abstract   PDF
Franck Eyraud, Armin Burger, Pär Johan Åstrand, Giovanni Di Matteo
Vol 8 (2013) Comparing Approaches and Strategies for NSDI Implementation Between the Developed and Developing World Abstract   PDF
Mohammed O. Idrees, Vahideh Saeidi, Yusuf Ahmad Yusuf, Abdul Rashid M. Shariff
Vol 8 (2013) Comparison of Different Caching Techniques for High-Performance Web Map Services Abstract   PDF
Alexander Loechel, Stephan Schmid
Vol 5 (2010) Competence management within organisations as an approach to enhancing GIS maturity Abstract   PDF
Jaana Mäkelä, Riitta Vaniala, Paula Ahonen-Rainio
Vol 5 (2010) Computer-Tractable Translation of Geospatial Data Abstract   PDF
Sven Schade
Vol 5 (2010) Conceptualizing people in SDI literature: Implications for SDI research and development Abstract   PDF
Christine Richter, Gianluca Miscione, Yola Georgiadou
Vol 9 (2014) Confronting Standards and Nomenclature in Spatial Data Infrastructures: A Case Study of Urban Los Angeles County Geospatial Water Management Data Abstract   PDF
Miriam A Cope, Stephanie Pincetl
Vol 10 (2015) Cooperation in the implementation of SDIs: a case study focused on the new national cadastral index map of Sweden Abstract   PDF
Olov Olsson
Vol 9 (2014) Co-Production of Regulation: Access to Geographic Information in Wisconsin, USA: Law, Politics and Power Abstract   PDF
Patrice Day
Vol 7 (2012) Creating a Multilingual Geospatial Thesaurus: GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas Translations for Italian, Spanish, French and Slovenian Abstract   PDF
Claudia Cialone, Kristin Stock, Barbara Medved-Cvikl, Andrej Ceglar
Vol 4 (2009) Creation of an NSDI strategy – Case Study Croatia Abstract   PDF
Vlado Cetl, Miodrag Roić, Siniša Mastelić Ivić
Vol 6 (2011) Cross-Border Harmonisation of Spatial Base Data between Germany and the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF
Claudia Gedrange, Marco Neubert, Sylvia Röhnert
Vol 8 (2013) Crowdsource Approach for Mapping of Illegal Dumps in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF
Miroslav Kubásek, Jiří Hřebíček
Vol 6 (2011) Data Harmonisation Put into Practice by the HUMBOLDT Project Abstract   PDF
Astrid Fichtinger, Joachim Rix, Ulrich Schäffler, Ines Michi, Moses Gone, Thorsten Reitz
Vol 7 (2012) Developing a Spatial Data Infrastructure for Archaeological and Built Heritage Abstract   pdf
Peter McKeague, Anthony Corns, Robert Shaw
Vol 2 (2007) Developing Feature Types and Related Catalogues for the Marine Community - Lessons from the MOTIIVE project. Abstract   PDF
Keiran Millard, Rob Atkinson, Andrew Woolf, Kristin Stock, Roger Longhorn, Chris Higgins, Mark Small, Sander Hulst, Torill Hamre, Maria Ferreira, Irene Lucius, Peter Breger, John Pepper, Dominic Lowe, Quillon Harphen, Stephen Wells
Vol 6 (2011) Enhancing Spatial Data Accessibility in Ghana: Prioritization of Influencing Factors Using AHP Abstract   PDF
David O. Yawson, Frederick A. Armah, Daniel Okae-Anti, Paul Essandoh, Ernest K. H. Afrifa
Vol 4 (2009) Evaluating the socio-economic impact of Geographic Information: A classification of the literature Abstract   PDF
Elisabetta Genovese, Gilles Cotteret, Stéphane Roche, Claude Caron, Robert Feick
Vol 7 (2012) Experimenting GeoInformation Prices Abstract   PDF
Gianluca Miscione
Vol 3 (2008) Exploring Knowledge for a Common Man Through Mobile Services and Knowledge Discovery in Databases Abstract
Sanjeev Manchanda, Mayank Dave, S. B. Singh
Vol 8 (2013) Feasibility Study for a Dynamic Web Processing Environment for Spatial Workflows Abstract   PDF
Dorian Alcacer-Labrador, Rainer Roosmann
Vol 5 (2010) Finding the Essence in Geographic Statistics – Promoting Informed Decision Making Abstract   PDF
Lars Thygesen
Vol 10 (2015) FOSS4G in education: a multi-disciplinary case study for the promotion of slow tourism Abstract   PDF
Michela Arnaboldi, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Marco Minghini
Vol 5 (2010) From Here to Eternity: An Experiment Applying the e-Framework Infrastructure for Education and Research and the SUMO Ontology to Standards-based Geospatial Web Services Abstract   PDF
Kristin Stock, Ben Butchart, Chris Higgins, Yin Chen
Vol 7 (2012) Future SDI – Impulses from Geoinformatics Research and IT Trends Abstract   PDF
Laura Díaz, Albert Remke, Tomi Kauppinen, Auriol Degbelo, Theodor Foerster, Christoph Stasch, Matthes Rieke, Bastian Schaeffer, Bastian Baranski, Arne Broering, Andreas Wytzisk
Vol 7 (2012) Geoportal Usability Evaluation Abstract   pdf
Xin He, Hans Persson, Anders Östman
Vol 6 (2011) Geospatial Standards for Web-enabled Environmental Models Abstract   PDF
Patrick Maué, Christoph Stasch, George Athanasopoulos, Lydia E. Gerharz
Vol 5 (2010) Ghana’s Right to Information Bill: Opportunity for SDI as a Technical Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
David O. Yawson, Frederick A. Armah, Samuel K. N. Dadzie
Vol 3 (2008) GI Policies in Norway and England: Are they within the Spirit of Recent EU Directives? Abstract   PDF
G. Giff, B. van Loenen, J. Zevenbergen
Vol 7 (2012) GIS Data Interoperability in Uganda Abstract   PDF
Moses Musinguzi, Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa, Gerhard Bax
Vol 8 (2013) Greek National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Attempts towards design and implementation. Abstract   PDF
Panagiotis Tziachris, Maria Papadopoulou
Vol 5 (2010) Harmonising Dutch National Geodata Conform To INSPIRE Using Combined Transformation Abstract   PDF
Ebrahim Hemmatnia, Just Van den Broecke, Ko Van Raamsdonk
Vol 3 (2008) Hierarchy or Fragmentation of Local Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs): Case-study of Bekasi, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Walter T. De Vries
Vol 5 (2010) Impact of Global Earth Observation – Systemic view across GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas Abstract   PDF
Felicjan Rydzak, Michael Obersteiner, Florian Kraxner
Vol 7 (2012) Implementation of a metadatabase for a regional SDI for soil-vegetation-atmosphere modelling Abstract   PDF
Constanze Curdt, Dirk Hoffmeister, Guido Waldhoff, G. Bareth
Vol 7 (2012) Increasing the Availability of Spatial Data held by Public Sector Bodies: Some Experiences and Guidelines from the OneGeology-Europe Project Abstract   PDF
Katleen Janssen, Aleksandra Kuczerawy
Vol 10 (2015) INSPIRE Compliance of Public Health Information – A Danish Case Study Abstract   PDF
Anders K. Lyseen, Henning Sten Hansen
Vol 9 (2014) INSPIRE Empowers Re-Use of Public Sector Information Abstract   PDF
bastiaan van loenen, Michel Grothe
Vol 8 (2013) INSPIRE Geology Data Model Implementation in Digital Geological Map Production in Portugal: A Preliminary Approach Abstract   PDF
Aurete Maria Pereira, António Gabriel Luís, Pedro Brito Cabral
Vol 9 (2014) INSPIRE in the Trenches Abstract   PDF
Aoife Corcoran, Zorica Nedović-Budić
Vol 4 (2009) INSPIRE obscured by clouds of inter-organizational cooperation with geoICT? Abstract   PDF
Walter Timo De Vries
Vol 8 (2013) Integrating Spatial Planning and Decision Support System Infrastructure and Spatial Data Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Luc G.J. Boerboom
Vol 9 (2014) Interactive maps from official statistics i Germany for sustainable development and well-being Abstract   PDF
Susanne Dr. Schnorr-Baecker
Vol 7 (2012) Interoperable Search Mechanisms for Web 2.0 Resources Abstract   PDF
Laura Díaz, Manuela Nuñez-Redó, David González, Jose Gil, Pau Aragó, Edward Pultar, Joaquín Huerta
Vol 1 (2006) Introduction to the International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research Abstract   PDF
Max Craglia
Vol 9 (2014) Investigation of Motorway Accessibility based on OpenStreetMap Data and pgRouting Functions Abstract   PDF
Clemens Strauss, Gregor Zahrer, Florian Schöggl, Gernot Hollinger
Vol 4 (2009) Land Administration as a Cornerstone in the Global Spatial Information Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Peter van Oosterom, Arco Groothedde, Christiaan Lemmen, Paul van der Molen, Harry Uitermark
Vol 3 (2008) Legend Design on The Web: Creating Accurate Styles Abstract   PDF
Sidonie Christophe
Vol 9 (2014) Linking spatial data: automated conversion of geo-information models and GML data to RDF Abstract   PDF
Linda van den Brink, Paul Janssen, Wilko Quak, Jantien Stoter
Vol 9 (2014) Load testing of HELIDEM geo-portal: an OGC open standards interoperability example integrating WMS, WFS, WCS and WPS Abstract   PDF
Massimiliano Cannata, Milan Petar Antonovic, Monia Elisa Molinari
Vol 9 (2014) Mature e-Government based on spatial data - legal implications Abstract   PDF
Line Hvingel, Lasse Baaner, Lise Schrøder
Vol 2 (2007) Metadata Model for the European Forest Information and Communication Platform Abstract   PDF
Dirk Tilsner, Carlos Figueiredo, H. Silva, B. Chartier, Jesus San Miguel, A. Camia, Michel Millot
Vol 5 (2010) Methodology for Measuring the Demand Geoinformation Transaction Costs: Based on Experiments in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich Abstract   PDF
Alenka Poplin
Vol 6 (2011) Methodology to describe, analyse and assess sub-national SDIs: survey, experiences and lessons learnt Abstract   PDF
Joachim Rix, Swetlana Fast, Ian Masser, Francois Salgé, Franco Vico
Vol 4 (2009) Modelling reference geographical data in Morocco. A preliminary study for a Moroccan SDI Abstract
Fatiha Ibannain, Jean-Paul DONNAY
Vol 4 (2009) More than Names - Digital Earth and/or Virtual Globes? Abstract   PDF
Francis Harvey
Vol 4 (2009) Moving the National Soil Database for England and Wales (LandIS) towards INSPIRE Compliance Abstract   PDF
Caroline Agnes Keay, Stephen Hallett, Timothy Farewell, Andrew Rayner, Robert Jones
Vol 7 (2012) Multi-Disciplinary Forest Fire Danger Assessment in Europe: The Potential to Integrate Long-Term Drought Information Abstract   PDF
Barbara Hofer, Hugo Carrão, Daniel McInerney
Vol 4 (2009) Multi-source Spatial Data Integration within the Context of SDI Initiatives Abstract
Hossein Mohammadi, Abbas Rajabifard
Vol 2 (2007) Multi-view SDI Assessment Framework Abstract   PDF
Lukasz Grus, Joep Crompvoets, Arnold K. Bregt
Vol 3 (2008) Next-Generation Digital Earth: A position paper from the Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information Science Abstract   PDF
Max Craglia, Michael F. Goodchild, Alessandro Annoni, Gilberto Camara, Michael Gould, Werner Kuhn, David Mark, Ian Masser, David Maguire, Steve Liang, Ed Parsons
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